Human Trials

To friends, supporters, and Type I diabetics:

Since the announcements of our patent and primate trials successes, we have received numerous e-mail inquiries regarding when human trials will begin or if individuals may volunteer for those trials. We are very encouraged by our technical trials successes, and hope to begin the documentation process to start Phase I FDA clinical trials – and possibly "humanitarian" trials – later this year, resources permitting.

We are also heartened by many who have asked "how can I help?" There are several ways that you can help expedite our efforts:

  1. Stay informed about our progress. We do our best, but increasingly we are unable to answer all the e-mails sent to us. In the future, as we know more about our human trials program, we will will make announcements about the process through numerous channels. One of those channels will be an occasional e-mail newsletter from the Squash Diabetes! campaign. We encourage you to sign up for that newsletter on the Squash Diabetes! campaign's web site.

  2. Inform others about our work. Use the Spread the Word tool on the Squash Diabetes! campaign's web site to get the word out that there is real hope for a cure – based on Dr. Wang's work.

  3. Donate to support our work. We are fortunate that a 501(c)(3) foundation, New Generation Foundation, is supporting our development cause and has backed the Squash Diabetes! campaign. If you are in a position to support our work financially, we encourage you to make a donation to New Generation Foundation.

  4. Sign up to indicate your interest in human trials. If you are a Type I diabetic, or are the parent or guardian of a minor child who is a Type I diabetic, we encourage you to sign up to indicate your interest in human trials. The protocols for human trials have not yet been established, and we certainly cannot give you any assurance that you or your minor child would be an appropriate candidate, much less a participant, in those trials. By signing up, you are not making any commitment to participate in human trials. However, your indication of interest will help us demonstrate to the FDA and others the importance in moving quickly to begin those trials.

For 30 years, we have been very conservative when disclosing information about the successes that have flowed from our strict adherence to a deliberate application of the scientific method to a specific problem domain. Dr. Wang and our team members have focused on the science – and have been spared the short term performance pressures often imposed by venture capitalists. Over the years we have declined overtures from large pharmaceutical companies in order to retain our creativity and independent thinking. We believe that is one reason why Dr. Wang has "gotten it right." Perhaps that is also a reason it is has taken longer to get where we are. We have remained small, independent, and leaned upon Dr. Wang's creativity and dogged determination. Now, however, we are shifting into "go fast" mode.

You should also know that every member of the Encapsulife executive team is either a Type 1 diabetic or has a child who is a Type 1 diabetic. When we hear from people about the urgency of finding a functional cure, we fully understand.

Tom Gibson
Encapsulife President