Encapsulife & It's 20 Years of Research Progress

A Long History of New Technology

Encapsulife, Inc. is a private corporation with a substantial patent portfolio, processes, and products that are derivative of micro-gravity research — first conducted during a 1985 NASA Shuttle mission by astronaut-scientist, Dr. Taylor Wang. Dr. Wang is Encapsulife's Founder, Chairman and CEO.

Encapsulife is developing new nano-technologies in the bio-medical field to provide a "living cell/functional cure" for diabetes. On February 15, 2008, Encapsulife published peer-reviewed research that marks it's global leadership in developing a practical "immunoisolation" system to encapsulate transplanted pancreatic Beta cells and enable these islet cells to survive and efficiently deliver insulin in a diabetic host — without immunosuppression drugs and their negative side-effects. This process reverses diabetes by allowing insulin to be delivered in a manner functionally identical to that of non-diabetics.

Success in achieving a living-cell/functional cure for diabetes will constitute a historic medical breakthrough — with the potential to scale treatments to 180 million diabetics worldwide.

Encapsulife nano-technologies and therapeutic strategies to reverse diabetes also have applications to address numerous other medical conditions and other hormone-deficient diseases, such as liver disease, Huntington's Disease, hemophilia, and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's.